Apex EC-7 18" Wheel & Michelin Pilot Sport 4S Tire Combo (2005-2019 All)

EC-7 Design
Here at Lebanon Ford Performance, we highly recommend APEX wheels, not just for the beautiful looks, but for the motorsports level precision, design, and attention to detail in every wheel. These are some of the lightest, strongest, and most cost effective wheels in the industry. But, dont take it from us, read below to hear all about why APEX wheels should be on your Mustang. 
APEX has made life even easier for the consumer by allowing you to pick from a variety of tires to select exactly what is best for your driving habits! You can read more about each available tire compound below. 
All APEX wheel and tire sets are professionally mounted and balanced and can be included with or without tire pressure sensors. 
Wheel Information
Fit Matters
A design fit to win. The EC-7 wheel includes details specifically implemented to enhance the Mustang owners' track day and street performance experience. An optimized car setup begins with the right wheel and tire fitment, and without model-specific attention, maximum performance is compromised. These wheels were developed exclusively for S197 and S550 chassis, and will work in either square or staggered applications. Most fitments are direct bolt-on solutions, however aggressive square fitments utilizing the 18x11” EC-7 wheels will require spacers on the front axle for proper inner strut clearance. This not a compromised fitment, it is the only way to outfit an S197 or S550 chassis with the highly desirable true-rotatable 11” square fitment.

Brake Clearance - Spokes

Simply put, APEX's wheel was designed for long-term durability without sacrificing performance and fit, while also adhering to APEX’s mission of maximizing value. Corner carving & track enthusiasts: this is your wheel.
Spokes that work for you. If the spokes of a wheel don't clear your brake calipers, then the wheel can’t be used at all. Apex made sure these wheels offer ample brake clearance, effectively clearing a variety of aftermarket BBK’s as well as popular factory BBK’s like the S197 14” and 15” GT500 Brembo BBK’s, as well as the S550 Performance Package Brembo BBK. The S550 GT350 will require the 19” EC-7.
Michelin Pilot Sport 4S Performance Summer Tire
About This Tire

The Michelin Pilot Sport 4S is the successor to the Pilot Super Sport, which is regarded by many as the best street tire available. The Pilot Sport 4S improves even more on all the characteristics we loved about the Pilot Super Sport, such as wet/dry performance, low noise, and ride quality.

Who It's For

The Pilot Sport 4S is for drivers looking for a high-performance tire that still offers the creature comforts you'd expect from a great street tire. If you only drive to the store and back, you'll be tragically underutilizing these tires. They're meant to be pushed to the limits, and we know they're being enjoyed on a mountain road right now. While these tires can definitely handle an occasional track day, you should look at other extreme summer only options if your tires will spend a fair amount of their life on the track.