LFP 800 Twin Turbo Street Sleeper Mustang

SKU Street Sleeper


Lebanon Ford Performance is proud to offer our 4th and final Pick Your Power for $39,995* option for 2018; the LFP Street Sleeper Twin Turbo Mustang.

We at LFP are excited to once again partner with Hellion Power Systems to bring you another $39,995* car included power offering; this time based off the amazing Street Sleeper Twin Turbo System. So what is the street sleeper system? This system mounts the turbos under the car and uses the factory air box making it virtually impossible for unsuspecting victims to tell you are packing a serious punch, 800HP of punch on low boost to be exact. The best part of the Street Sleeper is that it is extremely capable and is vastly less complicated with fewer tubes, lines, and components making engine maintenance a breeze.