Our Team

Lisa Cryder (Owner/GM)-

Hi, my name is Lisa Cryder. I graduated from Bowling Green State University and have worked in the automotive industry for over 25 years. My passion has always been growing and challenging people to be the best version they can be. I strive to bring the best out of everyone and consider my employees to be family. Thank you so much for considering Lebanon Ford Performance for your next automotive parts or vehicle purchase. We look forward to welcoming you to our growing national family of LFP enthusiasts.

Chandler Wheat (Marketing & Business Analyst)-

Hi, my name  is Chandler and I eat, sleep, and breath performance. I have been in the performance automotive industry since I was 18 and have had the pleasure to experience a large variety of different roles. Prior to Lebanon Ford, I worked for RPUI as a brand manager working on developing their classic car parts companies. Here at LFP I help manage our performance website and help to continue the charge on the marketing and business development front.

I currently campaign a 2007 Time Attack mustang in various time trials, autocrosses, and open track days across the mid-west. My daily driven weapon of choice is my 650WHP Cadillac CTSV.  When I am not working, I enjoy racing, spending time with my fiance, and fishing. Lebanon Ford Performance has been an absolute blast to work for. I have never met a more kind hearted and performance oriented group of people. It's been amazing seeing how far we have all come together, and I cant wait to see where LFP ends up. 

Josh Hipp (Accessories & Customization Manager)-

Hi, My name is Josh Hipp and I came to Lebanon Ford Performance after graduating from the University of Cincinnati with a Bachelor’s of Organizational Leadership. I started the Accessories Department here at the dealership and I quickly decided that joined the Performance Department would allow me to pursue my passion. I am the department Performance Advisor and I help each and every customer through their mustang build process to carefully select the parts that will make their build unique to them. I handle the shop schedule and make sure the right parts get put on your car. Additionally, I help assist customers who already own their cars purchase parts, whether they just need the parts themselves, or parts and our shop to install them.

I've owned both a Focus ST and a maxed out Focus RS, affectionately named "Rabid Panda RS" for its white and black color scheme. I now have plans of building and RTR Spec 2 powered by a Whipple Supercharger! I can't wait to help you for all things performance here at LFP.

Jason Hipp (Performance Advisor)-

Hi, I'm Jason Hipp. I have been with Lebanon Ford since the beginning of the company and have been working in Ford Service departments for 17 years now. I came to Lebanon Ford as a Service Advisor and am now Service Director for two stores within the dealer group. I play a key role in ensuring that every vehicle that passes through our service department receives the utmost care and that’s what I bring to our Performance Team. I'm not the easiest person to impress but I sure do love any Flowmaster exhaust that comes through LFP! I am married and have two sons Zack and Josh. My  current ride is a loaded Lariat F-150.

Frank Kudlac (Performance Sales Lead)-

Hi all! My name is Frank Kudlac, born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA! Go Steelers! My passion for cars and anything that goes fast began as a child. Whether it was racing dirt bikes, go-carts, anything I could get behind the wheel on I was a fan of. I currently have a 2013 California Special GT, supercharged of course. When I’m not in the Mustang I’m out promoting the Roush Brand in a 2016 White Roush F-150. 

One of my outside work hobbies is actually being a closet nerd. Most don’t know I have a soft spot for computers and video games but, they have been a passion of mine for quite some time. I even design and build my own computers. One of the many reasons I came to join the team at Lebanon Ford Performance is prior to joining up was a huge supporter and devoted fan. My family has been a long time supporter of Lebanon Ford themselves in purchasing over 30 vehicles now. Every time we come to this dealership we were treated like family, before, during, and after the sale, and always saw the same faces. For me it’s more than a Job, or 9-5, this is a lifestyle, it’s about building lasting relationships and solving people’s problems every day, making dreams and wildest visions become a reality.

Phil Sies (Marketing Manager)-

Hi, I’m Phil Sies and I have been providing the auto industry with marketing ideas for over 20 years now, working on some of its earliest web sites to my current position as Marketing Director at Lebanon Ford.  I greatly enjoy seeing all the awesome pictures and videos that our team and customers are always posting.  My job is made easy by the great work that everyone at LFP does every day and I am truly blessed to be part of the team.  When it comes to cars and trucks I just enjoy them all, but mainly older muscle cars.

Hanna Floyd (Social Media Strategist)- 

Hi, my name is Hanna and I am the LFP photographer and videographer. I am origninally from Minster, Ohio. I graduated from Wright State University out of Dayton, Ohio with a Bachelors degree in organizational management. I also competed in Division I Fastpitch Softball at Wright State. I am currently the Socia Media Strategist for Lebanon Ford and I provide video and photo content for Social Media/Web. I also own a 2018 Ford F-150 STX. You probably will never see me, I’m the one behind the camera.

Brandon Gordon (Performance Tech)-

Hi, my Name is Brandon Gordon. I have been working as a technician at Lebanon Ford for over 5 years now. I began my journey into the performance tech world through the Ford Asset Program, I have also received an  Associates Degree of technical studies and now have acquired Ford's Senior Master Certification.Before life started here, I had always been drawn towards anything that moved, had an engine, or wheels. Naturally I have always enjoyed modifying vehicles that I own. I have a 2014 Mustang Gt, equipped with a Paxton Supercharger. 

By far the most enjoyable part of my job is getting to do the thing I love most, and that's getting to build the cars that people want, wether it's the performance side with their brand new mustang making 800hp, a new exhaust system, or a lowering kit. The possibilities are endless and I'm always up for the task!

Ryan Donahue (Performance Tech)-

Hi, my Name is Ryan Donahue.  I have been a Performance Tech here at Lebanon Ford for the last seven years. I obtained an Associates Degree of Technical Studies through the Ford ASSET program from the University of Cincinnati in 2006 and have continued to maintain Senior Master Technician certifications from Ford which I originally earned in 2010.

Growing up I always had an interest in knowing how things worked and knowing how to fix things. So when I started driving, nothing was any different. One of my first cars was a 1989 Mustang 4 cylinder that I bought for about $1,300 which was a real jewel. She had a hard life before I got her and being a teenager I wasn't exactly easy on her. So, it was kind of a starting point working up to where I am today. 

Working with the Lebanon Ford Performance Team has been a great experience. We have a lot of fantastic products out there for many different vehicles. I would say that our supercharged vehicles are the most exciting. The 5.0L is a powerful engine, but with our supercharger systems it creates a whole different animal and really wakes it up.

 Niko McClellan (Vehicle GSM)-

I have been working for Lebanon Ford since 2006. I started out as a lot tech and worked many positions throughout the dealership eventually becoming the new vehicles sales manager. I enjoy spending time with my wife, three kids, coon-hound, and chickens. I love working for Lebanon Ford because of our great employees and customers. My Passion is people and I will do my best to create the best possible experience for you! Please feel free to reach out to me if I can help you with any of your automotive needs!


Brian Pence (Performance Sales)-

My name is Bryan Pence and I have been in sales for 22 years, nearly my entire adult life! I worked my way through Miami University to earn a BS in Education and a BA in English.  I'm happily married with 2 daughters and 2 sons. I'm at Lebanon Ford because there is a difference here, and you can tell from the moment you first make contact with anyone on our team! My family's ford roots go back four family generations!

My grandfather would not allow any foreign brands to be parked on his property. EVER! Even if the vehicle belonged to one of his 9 children!  I love helping people buy a car; especially those who have, unfortunately, had a bad experience somewhere else. My dream is to one day be GM of a Ford dealership and help even more people! I look forward to helping you with your vehicle purchase!

Bryan Hoying (Performance Sales)-

Hi, I'm Bryan Hoying. I have been part of the Lebanon community for 26 years; more than half my life and call it my home town. I am very passionate about my local community, charity, and LFP.  My family and I all do things together whether it’s helping with local charity events teaming up with the Lebanon Ford Family functions, or just hanging out and supporting our local economy. Team Hoying gets it done together. So it was a no brainer for me to join the performance team, where I get to make your dreams come true. Have you ever had a job that makes you skip to work? I do... well I really just drive my 2016 performance mustang or the Ford Guy F-150 and that's all it takes! I can't wait to help you with your next vehicle needs!


Tim Flanagan (Performance Sales)-

Hi, my name is Tim Flanagan. I have been in Sales for the better part of my adult life. I started in sales, just out of college working as at the service counter for a small rubber and plastics company in Moraine, OH. I moved from counter sales, to outside sales and soon was training end users in application specific solutions. The thing I have carried from that first sales job, was even if there isn’t a problem, you should always be equipped with a solution.

I’ve been in sales for 20+ years, worked inside sales, sales management, went back to school for computers and earned a few Microsoft Certifications as well, but computer systems are only as good as the people running them. And I really like people better than computers. I have sold rubber and plastics, advertising space, remodeling, and even capital improvement projects to major and minor corporations for a couple decades. Still nothing beats helping people drive away in the car or truck of their dreams.

Lebanon Ford has allowed me to come and work with one of the best ensembles any dealership could hope to have put together. A century of automotive sales experience, which is hard to find these days. Five years in a row of Ford’s President’s Award. I am honored to work with a simply amazing group, working with a common goal – complete customer satisfaction. I’m just glad to be here!