Custom Tuning

Lebanon Ford Performance is proud to partner with Palm Beach Dyno, the nation's premier mustang tuning company, for all of our custom, remote, & dyno tuning.

Whether your Coyote Powered Mustang is naturally aspirated, forced induction, or Nitrous powered, Lebanon Ford can offer you custom tuning solutions no matter where in the United States you are! The ability to offer custom tuning solutions give our customers two major benefits.

First: Customers around the country can take advantage of our massive online performance parts selection knowing that they can get access to custom tuning that will optimize their new vehicle modifications and ensure that their vehicle is performing at its best. 

Second: Customers who purchase LFP vehicles or have their own vehicles, can unlock horsepower they never even knew was there thanks to the wizards from PBD. Customers on OE Roush & Whipple supercharger tunes will notice tremendous increases in performance by stepping up to a PBD custom tune. Those looking for even more power are encouraged to give us a call. We would be happy to tailor a PBD tuned power package specifically to your needs to give you the most power for any given budget!


How To Buy

Please call 513-934-0318 to speak to one of our performance specialists. Our specialists will fill out a form for your vehicle including the VIN, modifications, and other notable tuning information. This allows for precision accuracy which allows PBD to get the absolute most out of your vehicle while still retaining great driving characteristics and a safe tune. We will then process your order and submit your tuning request! Raw tunes will be emailed within 7 business days. Tune & Tuner Combos will be shipped right to your front door! 

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How It Works

Palm Beach Remote Tuning can be done in a variety of ways, but the important detail is that Palm Beach Dyno is tuning your vehicle through the internet at your location. A base file is provided according to the modifications on your vehicle. You then log the car per their instructions and email it to the support site ( Palm Beach will review the datalog, create a revision if necessary and provide further instructions. This process is repeated until the car is fully tuned both at WOT and part throttle. The logging can be done on a dyno of your choice, while driving the car on the street or a combination of both.


Palm Beach Remote Tuning Services are offered with different levels of support so you can choose the service that best suits you. The initial remote tuning process is the same for all package levels, the difference between the packages is in the support included. 

Silver Level Remote Tuning - This option is a good choice for the majority of our customers.  It is perfect for the customer who wants a top performing tune for their current modifications but does not intend on doing updates with many trips to the track. Updates are not included when doing new modifications to your vehicle but can be purchased as needed.
Gold Level Remote Tuning- This is a good choice if you plan to make some changes to your vehicle, as many updates are included. Gold Level also adds telephone technical support during normal business hours and two free Remote Trackside Support Sessions through PBD. This package is perfect for the person who enjoys fine tuning their car with different parts over time and fine tuning it at the track. With the Remote Trackside Support Sessions included, it allows you to squeeze that extra ET out of the car in a short amount of time.
Naturally Aspirated & Nitrous Customers are able to pick the Level 1-4 that fits the mod list. Just like silver level tuning, updates can be purchased as needed if you decide to add new modifications to your vehicle. 


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