Watch a LFP Twin Turbo Street Sleeper GT Run a 9 Second Quarter Mile In Street Trim

Just how well does the amazing new Hellion Street Sleeper system perform? 9.74 @ 152 is the answer. This particular car uses the same cast wheel 62mm turbos included in the base kit with only basic suspension upgrades, street radials, a set of half shafts, and fueling courtesy of a Fore Fuel system with E85 to achieve the listed times.  With the boost set to 16 pounds, Ken let the car rip on its way down the track at a blistering pace in the afternoon heat. 

While a 9 second pass doesn't seem all that significant anymore, it's important to consider that this was done in a full weight, A/C equipped street car with no engine or transmission modifications, just a well selected group of straight-forward bolt on's. As John Urist, President of Hellion, points out in the video, you can now drive your race car to the event, crack off blistering fast times, and then drive it out to eat after the race. 

But, don't just take how amazing this kit is from me. Hear from the experts in their respective fields in the video below (and don't hate on me for holding the cell phone out- I was getting audio and the pits are LOUD!)

Vehicle As Tested Options & Modifications

  • 2018 GT, 401a Premium, Automatic, Performance Package
  • Hellion Base Street Sleeper System: Link
  • Fore Innovations Dual Fuel Pump & ID 1050 Injectors: Link
  • BMR CB005 Cradle Lockout Kit: Link
  • G-Force 850HP Half Shafts: Link
  • Palm Beach Dyno Tune: Link
  • Race Star Wheels & Mickey Thompson Tires: Link

Other Upgrades We Would Suggest

  • 1 Piece Drive Shaft: Link
  • Oil Pump Gear Upgrade: Link




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