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By now, I'm sure you have all seen the latest news regarding the SCT/ Derive/ BullyDog EPA settlement which found them in pretty hot water with the feds. The release that broke on dozens of news media outlets around the country gave automotive enthusiasts a story filled with worry for the future of tuning and modifying vehicles. Fortunately, we have just recieved a statement released from Derive/SCT that will put the fears of most to ease. Read below!

 Not included in the original release posted on livewire is the following information obtained from another direct Derive press release.


From Derive

  • Every product we sell today is legal. We are permitted to, and will continue selling, our existing tuners and Advantage software.
  • There is no need for resellers or consumers to return or swap out anything on shelves today, nor is a recall required.
  • For users of our Advantage custom tuning software, we are forming our certification and training program now, and will share those details directly with you once we’re finished.
  • Q: Did Derive sell defeat devices?

    A: No, Derive did not sell defeat devices.

    • Derive bought Bully Dog and SCT only a few years ago. After the transaction, we discovered legacy compliance issues, particularly on the Bully Dog side. We continue to pursue claims arising from that transaction.
    • In the meantime, Derive entered into this agreement to provide a clear and certain path to continue selling tuners and custom software in partnership with EPA.
  • Q: Does the settlement require Derive to recall any tuners from its customers or stop selling any tuners?

    A: No, it does not. Unlike past EPA tuning settlements, there are no recall terms in the settlement for our products in the market. We are required to test tuners going forward. If the testing reveals issues, we will deal with those issues in an appropriate manner, in consultation with EPA.

    Q: Does the settlement require Derive to stop selling custom software?

    A: No, it does not. Our settlement partnership with EPA requires us to provide customer training and certification that encourages the legitimate use of our custom tuning software.

    Q: Will the settlement require Derive to change its marketing practices or reseller agreements for tuners?

    A: From a customer perspective, there will be little change. Derive was not marketing any illegitimate uses of its products before the settlement. And we already have a vigorous compliance program to avoid customer abuse of our products. The settlement memorializes what are already industry best practices.


Derive Systems Enters Agreement With EPA to Enhance Industry Practices

Release originally posted by: Newswire

Agreement between Derive Systems and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency brings forth enhanced practices for the automotive aftermarket

Derive Systems, a leading automotive aftermarket provider, is pleased to announce that it has entered an agreement with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency that will establish and promote enhanced practices within the automotive aftermarket industry. 

With the goal of delivering its innovative vehicle technology in a way that creates certainty for its customers, Derive Systems entered into the agreement with EPA. This landmark agreement provides a clear path for Derive's existing tuning products and new products to thrive in the market with EPA’s approval, including its market-leading catalog of existing tuners. The agreement additionally resolves EPA allegations primarily stemming from several of its products that were developed by legacy companies prior to Derive’s acquisition of them.  

“We are committed to continued cooperation and a partnership with the EPA in the effort to serve our industry and guarantee that standards and practices remain current as automotive aftermarket technology advances,” said David Thawley, CEO of Derive Systems. “We look forward to applying the enhanced practices and procedures within our operations and across our brand portfolio and to our continuing leadership position in encouraging the industry to similarly embrace strong environmental performance.” 

Our goal with EPA was to find a mutually beneficial solution while continuing to be able to deliver valued products to our loyal customers. Today, I firmly believe we've achieved both and, in doing so, are fulfilling our mission to bring technology innovation to every vehicle on the road.



The agreement between Derive Systems and the EPA is the first of its kind. The newly established practices will include new product development procedures, revamped product testing and an inaugural training and certification program for all employees and product resellers. 

The enhanced procedures set an industry-leading model for automotive aftermarket companies to ensure continued sales of products and the introduction of new products with certainty and continuity in partnership with EPA.  

“As a leader in this market, we take seriously our responsibility to help establish the processes that will ensure that our collective industry is a good corporate citizen,” said Thawley. “Our goal with EPA was to find a mutually beneficial solution while continuing to be able to deliver valued products to our loyal customers. Today, I firmly believe we’ve achieved both and, in doing so, are fulfilling our mission to bring technology innovation to every vehicle on the road.”

Derive Systems is headquartered in Sanford, Florida, with offices in Broomfield, Colorado, and Pocatello, Idaho. Its SCT and Bully Dog brands provide aftermarket products for vehicle enthusiasts; its Derive products serve the fleet industry.

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About Derive Systems

Derive Systems is a leading automotive technology provider with over two million vehicles upgraded with Derive’s solutions. Derive connects vehicles and their engines to the digital world, enabling individuals and fleets to take control of their vehicles and optimize the way they behave. The Derive Systems platform writes directly to the engine and other vehicle control modules, integrating third-party software, data and sensors so that each vehicle performs specifically to unique requirements, preferences and conditions.

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