Pick Your Power For $39,995 Goes Twin Turbo

Lebanon Ford Performance is proud to offer our 4th and final Pick Your Power for $39,995 option; the LFP Street Sleeper Twin Turbo Mustang.

We at LFP are excited to once again partner with Hellion Power Systems to bring you another $39,995 car included power offering; this time based off the amazing Street Sleeper Twin Turbo System. So what is the street sleeper system? This system mounts the turbos under the car and uses the factory air box making it virtually impossible for unsuspecting victims to tell you are packing a serious punch, 800HP of punch on low boost to be exact. The best part of the Street Sleeper is that it is extremely capable and is vastly less complicated with fewer tubes, lines, and components making engine maintenance a breeze.

The Street Sleeper system comes as a base kit including twin 62mm cast wheel water, cooled turbos. The turbos are paired with two Turbosmart Comp-Gate 40 wastegates, a pair of Turbosmart VEE port bypass valves, and the highest flow bar/plate core intercooler available for 2018+ GT’s. This kit is capable of seeing four digit power even in base form when paired to the correct fueling upgrades and tuning. Speaking of fuel and tuning, LFP has partnered up with Palm Beach Dyno, a company that has been doing amazing tuning work on our highest horsepower cars since our program’s creation, to write the tunes for every LFP Street Sleeper Mustang. For fueling purposes, we are fortunate that the 2018+ Mustang GT’s are capable of flowing more fuel than their 2015-2017 counterparts, thanks in part to direct injection. The LFP Street Sleeper gets a set of 56lb/hr injectors but no other fueling upgrades are necessary at the lower boost levels. It should be noted that customers looking to turn their Sleeper up will definitely want to consider our optional JMS Boost-A-Pump upgrade as well as a set of higher flowing ID 1050X Injectors and a set of Billet Oil Pump Gears for peace of mind.

Just like our other Pick Your Power for $39,995 packages, the LFP Street Sleeper includes a 2019 base manual transmission 300a GT, the twin turbo system, necessary fuel and tuning upgrades, and installation. You will also receive a custom certificate of authenticity unique to your VIN and build number. All cars are entered into an official registry that LFP tracks.

So what kind of power should we expect?

As we mentioned, the base kit with 5lb wastegate spring installed will see a peak boost level of around 7PSI good for around 700RWHP or about 800 crank hp. A second 7lb spring is also included at no charge which bumps the boost to around 9-10PSI. At the higher boost levels, customers can expect high 700’s to low 800’s at the tire; that’s right, nearly 1,000 crank HP. Now, before you drop the 7lb spring in place, it is important to note that you will absolutely need the JMS Boost a Pump, ID 1050x injectors, OPG upgrade, Half shafts, and a different Palm Beach Dyno tune. Fortunately, we can wrap all of that into the package for a little more money and create for you a unique and even more sinister ‘stang. If you want to go further, we can also do wheels, tires, suspension, and pretty much anything else you can think of!

Multiple Ways To Buy

System Highlights

  • Twin 62mm cast wheel water, cooled turbos
  • Two Turbosmart Comp-Gate 40 wastegates
  • Twin Turbosmart VEE port bypass valves
  • Highest flow bar/plate core intercooler available for 2018+ GT’s
  • 800 Crank HP On Low Boost
  • Two Springs Included For Customizable Boost
  • Palm Beach Dyno Tune
  • 56lb Injectors
  • Customizable With Additional Upgrades For Higher Power Levels
  • Capable of 40PSI and over 2,000 HP
  • Easiest most cost effective way of reaching four digit power

Warranty Information

The vast majority of mustang owners are going to add a cold air intake, a custom tune, long tube headers, or just go crazy like us and throw forced induction on their car and go fast. We love modifying our cars, and we also understand that doing these upgrades will likely void the warranty. Naturally as you can expect, adding twin turbos and the best tune in the business will void your power train warranty if the failure can be attributed to the additional modifications. However, that means many suspension, driveline, and accessory components would likely be safe despite the added upgrades. Additionally, you still have that bumper to bumper warranty. For specific warranty questions, please contact one of our dedicated LFP Mustang sales specialists at 513-934-0318


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nicholas eminoski - November 20, 2018

What the price of a 401a 10speed auto /hellion tt?

Brian Laureano - November 20, 2018

I have a 2012 gt do you guys have anything for that year or or just 16 and up

Michael Thompson - November 20, 2018

I would like to see new parts and listings for s197 Ford Mustangs.

Jacob Moore - October 1, 2018

I have a 2016 sleeper with the "670 HP package with a little over 8000 miles on it financed through FORD MOTOR CREDIT. I would love to trade it in for the 2018/19 turbo sleeper. 334-212-4105

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