Introducing The LFP GT550 Naturally Aspirated E85 Power Package

Introducing the LFP GT550 for $33,995

We, at LFP, have been flinging out high horsepower forced induction mustangs literally as fast as we can build them for the past three years. We have become the national boosted mustang authority as we have rolled out hundreds of our $40,000 LFP 700’s, 727’s, & 800HP Mustangs. We have also built the LFP Hellion Twin Turbo cars and the LFP10 drag car. But, we have previously left one type of mustang enthusiast without a solution. That is of course, the mustang owner who prefers their engine naturally aspirated. That’s right, for those customers looking for a great budget N/A alternative to supercharging, your time has come.


Dont believe us? Check out this video!

Wait, did we just say a N/A alternative to supercharging? Yes we did. We are proud to introduce the LFP GT550, a naturally aspirated GT optimized to punch well above its weight class. How is this possible do you ask? Thanks in part to the new 2018 GT’s direct injection technology, a little something special called E85 fuel, carefully selected industry leading aftermarket components, and the skill of the wizards over at Palm Beach Dyno, LFP has coupled these items together to create a 490-500WHP sleeper capable of going head to head with many FI cars. 

So how is this all possible? The answer is actually fairly straightforward. In a blower car, it takes power to make power, compressing air creates heat, and many “Canned tune” supercharger cars leave a lot of performance on the table in order to be warranty backed. LFP with the help of PBD and the above mentioned parts taps into the programming of these cars to extract every ounce of performance on the table, without sacrificing reliability. When we are all done, you have a car that punches significantly above what its HP would suggest for a fraction of the price of a blower setup. For those looking to go as fast as possible, we suggest checking an automatic transmission on the option box.

Sound too good to be true?

Well it isn’t, as long as you keep a few things in mind….The vast majority of mustang owners are going to add a cold air intake, a custom tune, long tube headers, or just go crazy and throw a blower on the car or a pair of twins and go fast. We love modifying our cars, and we also understand that doing these upgrades will likely void the warranty. Naturally as you can expect, adding E85, a bunch of aftermarket parts, and the best tune in the business will void your power train warranty if the failure can be attributed to the additional modifications. However, that means many suspension, driveline, and accessory components would likely be safe despite the added upgrades. Additionally, you still have that bumper to bumper warranty. This car, in the as advertised configuration, requires the use of E85 fuel. Not all locations across the country have easily available access to E85. We understand this which is why we will also Include a 93 octane tune which will produce roughly 510 crank HP or 440-450WHP at no charge.  

Already Have A Car?

If you want us to upgrade your 2018 or newer GT to a LFP GT550, give us a call to schedule an install appointment. The GT550 package runs $2,099 installed. If you do not need installation but would like the complete package, click here to purchase all the parts in one convenient package. 


Public Service Announcement: For those customers with Roush superchargers still on the OE tune who are afraid of losing to a N/A GT, give us a call, we have some solutions for you….

The LFP GT550 Upgrade Includes

  • Palm Beach Dyno E85 & 93 Octane Tunes & Data-logging
  • HP Tuners Ngauge
  • Roush X-Pipe
  • PMAS Cold Air Intake
  • E85
  • All Required labor

Looking for even more power & upgrades? Talk to one of our performance specialists about additional upgrades like headers, half-shafts, oil pump gear upgrades, & suspension packages to dial in your new LFT GT550 equipped car.


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