2018-2019 Whipple 3.0L Mustang SuperCharger Tech

Whipple 3.0L Supercharger For 2018+ Mustang GT Tech Overview


The all new for 2018 Whipple Gen 5 supercharger has been out for a few months now and has completely obliterated the competition. Combinations of efficiency, packaging, size, and cooling capacity have made the Whipple Gen 5 the blower to have for your 2018 and 2019 Mustang GT. We at Lebanon Ford Performance are no stranger to just how amazing Whipple’s newest blower is. The Whipple Stage 1 kit is featured on our 800HP for $39,995 Mustang that we sell and build here at the dealership. That’s correct, for those who don’t know, we offer the Whipple Stage 1 with a unique tune installed, including a base manual transmission 2018 or 2019 Mustang GT for $39,995 here at Lebanon Ford. But, that may or may not be why you’re here. Let’s get down to business and explore some of the new technology and features of the Gen5.

New Inverted Design

Everyone knows and loves the 2.9L Whipple blower that has been in use on coyote powered Mustangs since they first came out. The front feed, traditional rotor-over-intercooler blower has been laying down unbelievable numbers whether that be on track or on dyno. However, with the all new Gen 3 coyote featuring direct injection, and a hood that sits substantially lower on the 2018+ Mustangs, Whipple informs us that they had serious issues with fitting the old 2.9L under the hood. It just wasn’t going to work. Between the direct injection system taking up precious intercooler space in the valley of the block, and the lower hood causing risk of contact with the supercharger drive pulley, the old 2.9L was simply too tall to fit Ford’s newest Coyote. On a factory tour Josh and I took in early 2018, Dustin Whipple informed us that “Compromises could have been made such as lowering the engine via different motor mounts, or shrinking the intercooler size to fit between the valleys,” but that’s not the way Dustin and his team work. 

So they tossed the entire design out the window and started new from the ground up. What the Whipple team came up with was the new Gen 5 Supercharger featuring an inverted design. Rather than the intercooler sitting beneath the rotors down in the valley, it now sits overtop of the rotors while the rotors sit down in the valley. From a packaging standpoint, this allowed Whipple to actually increase the intercooler size, even over their 2015-2017 2.9L supercharger, which also happened to have the largest intercooler available for a positive displacement blower. More importantly, the supercharger actually fits under the hood and in the valley of the engine. This new design has been used frequently in OEM superchargers from our evil brothers, GM. The inverted design has been used on everything from the Cadillac CTSV, to the ZR1 and now Z06 Corvettes, to the ZL1 Camaro. The inverted design is a proven winner, however just a simple switch wouldn’t be good enough for the Whipple team.

Big Rotor Change

Along with this new inverted design, Whipple decided to make the switch from their popular 3/5 rotor combo, that is 3 male rotor lobes to 5 female rotor valleys, to a new 3 male- 4 female design dubbed Gen 3. These new Gen 3 rotors feature new profiles decreasing the weight and work load of the male rotor and strengthening the female. This new design means less power loss due to moment of inertia, a more efficient rotor pair with less leakage, and better performance especially at the top end. Josh and I were able to watch the new Gen 3 rotors being machined out of a solid block of Billet Aluminum while on our tour at the Whipple factory. The Gen 3 rotors can be easily noticed on the new 2018 blower system which is characterized by a broad linear power band with amazing top end pull. Owners of the new 2018+ GT Whipple supercharger system will enjoy controllable and predictable power output rather than immediate tire shredding torque. Spinnin’ ain’t winnin’ but don’t get worried. The Gen 5 Whipple setup will readily vaporize a set of tires if you ask it to.


Keeping It Cool and Making It Run

As we mentioned above, the new Whipple Gen 3 Supercharger features an intercooler even larger than its predecessors. Additionally, this twin pass intercooler features upsized fittings from 3/4in to a full 1in in diameter. With cooling capacity this high, we have yet to experience any noticeable heat soak while driving or pushing these cars to the limit. Tuning on the Gen 3 Whipple supercharger comes courtesy of the all new Tomahawk handheld tuning device which is a unique Whipple flash device. Super easy to use with programmable features for tire and gear ratio changes, anyone familiar with the SCT X-4 will have no problems using their new Tomahawk. Whipple’s calibration truly mirrors an OE quality experience while driving yet still has 800hp on tap when you want it. The drama-free driveability is one of the reasons both the Whipple Gen 3 and our LFP 800 for $39,995 sell so well. Finally you can have a no-compromise ultra reliable supercharger system in your new mustang without blowing a giant hole in your walled for a Roush Stage 3 or Shelby GT500.


For those who want maximum peace of mind, an optional warranty can be purchased along with your Whipple system or LFP 800 mustang which covers major powertrain components, less the driveshaft and rear end, for 3 years or 36,000 miles. Requirements of the warranty include that it be installed by an ASE certified mechanic and that the engine, computer tuning, and supercharger system remain unmodified. For those looking to do a cat-back exhaust, and other driveline upgrades, your warranty should remain totally intact. We at Lebanon Ford Performance highly suggest packing your Whipple supercharger system with a set of upgraded Oil Pump/Crank Sprocket gears, and a set of better half shafts. These replace the weak factory pieces and give you added peace of mind when winding the car out, or launching it from a dig.

Multiple Ways To Buy

We do our best to offer you, the customer, a variety of ways to purchase our supercharger systems and other performance parts. If you happen to be looking for one of our $39,995 car included LFP800’s give us a call today at 513-934-0318 to speak to a sales specialist! For more information on the LFP800, click here. If you have a GT and are interested in a Whipple supercharger system (or any other upgrades) along with installation, give Josh a call at 513-696-1105. Lastly, if you are wanting one of these Gen 3 blowers shipped directly to you check out the link here to buy. We have kits in stock and ready to ship out same day.


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